Summer is the best time of the year to meet new friends or to start a new summer romance. A summer romance is just more exciting—the beach, pool parties, BBQs. You have more confidence and meet more people! Don’t worry too much if you haven’t met anyone yet. Afterall you want to meet someone you genuinely like and not the first person who comes along and asks you out. Get out there! Have fun! Don’t rush!

A summer romance could be a fling, or it could be the beginning of a serious relationship leading to marriage. But it is very important to be honest about your intentions in the very beginning. If you are not interested in long term relationship, let the other person know so you do not hurt or upset them later. If you are interested in a long-term relationship, it is a good idea to bring it up after several dates, when you feel closer to them and just want to make sure that you are on the same page.

If you feel strong about your relationship, there is no reason you shouldn’t maintain it into the fall. The hardest part of a summer romance is realizing that once summer is over, and you go back to your everyday routine, and a limited amount of social time, the relationship will naturally change.

The first step for a smooth summer- fall transition is to be clear with your partner about your expectations regarding the relationship and listen to theirs. By being upfront and honest you can avoid disappointment down the road.

Boundaries are a good area to begin the talk about. Do you want to be exclusive or keep it casual? Most people enter in a summer relationship because it’s casual and fun, and you can keep that fun going once you get back to your regular routine.

Make sure to focus on having a fantastic time this summer- Make good memories!