If only she knew what she did at the series finale of “Sex and the City,” most of Carrie Bradshaw’s dating life in New York City could be considered an exercise in what not to do. And Carrie was dating without a kid or three waiting up for her at home. As painful as they were, Carrie’s dating mishaps and missteps affected only her. If she had been dating as a single parent in New York City, the plot would have definitely been thicker and the stakes higher.

When New York City single parents date, regardless of whether they go on that date by themselves, they have company – their kids. It’s a lot of pressure, sometimes so much so, that some New York City single parents may not believe dating, especially online dating with it’s added unknowns, is worth their effort. A few bad experiences, not to mention the cost and inconvenience, have sent more than a few New York City single moms and single dads ducking for cover. It’s easy to understand why.

Dating as a single parent is no easy task. No matter how much a divorced man or woman or a widow or widower who has kids want to find love in New York City, it’s going to take an investment on their part. And a commitment. Here’s why.

More than anywhere else, New York City single parents are busy. They work. They have careers. They have outside interests. And they have responsibilities at home, most notable of which is raising their children. Any single parent can tell you how there are never enough hours in the day, and how much they wish they had an extra hour each day. But since that’s never going to happen, they need to use the time they do have wisely and not waste it on dating pursuits that won’t lead anywhere, something that happens often because of how undependable many online dating sites and apps are.

Online dating can be one of the best ways to meet other New York City single parents, if you go about it the right way, that is. If you’ve already been a user on the many dating sites and apps available to New York City single parents, then you’ve probably experienced a lot of false starts and stops, including too many profiles to choose from, which don’t appeal to your interests and expectations. Or text and email conversations that begin with a simple “Hi” and end there. Or text, email, and phone conversations that go on forever, never resulting in a real-life date. Or text, email, and phone conversations with a person who you realize upon meeting have misrepresented themselves and are not who they say they are. They could be older, younger, shorter, heavier, or unemployed. Worse still, they could be a criminal, have a criminal past, and be dangerous to you and your kids. Whatever the case, a lie is a lie, and since you’re looking for honesty, you’re now out time and money that you could’ve spent elsewhere, especially with and on your kids.

In addition to devoting time to search for love in New York City, as well as the time you spend arranging for childcare (forget spontaneity), traveling to the date, and going on it, there’s an actual dollar amount associated with dating. The cost can vary. It can also be substantial, even for one evening. Single parents who date spend money in lots of areas, beginning with the clothes they wear, their hair, and their makeup. And that’s before they even walk out the door! To go out, single parents must often pay for a babysitter, who usually get paid by the hour. Factor in travel costs (parking, trains, taxis, and Ubers) as well as the price of the date (ladies contribute, too, these days), a night out can run a single parent in New York City big bucks. That’s why you somehow need to increase the chances that your dating investment will result in a high rate of return for you, meaning another date and potentially a loving relationship.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there existed an online dating club exclusive to New York City members that did a lot of the pre-screening in advance, allowing users to spend more time dating instead of preparing to date? The good news is, there is! MatchMakingLink Online is committed to changing the dating environment. MatchML pre-screens all of its members in person, minimizing the likelihood of misrepresentation that is so rampant on other online dating platforms. At MatchML, we verify all members’ basic statistics, including their age, height, and that they live in New York City. We ensure all photos are recent and accurate, and we preview every user’s self-recorded video profile, which they record directly on our site. By researching for you, we take much of the guesswork out of online dating, leaving you only to guess which of your matches will be the best one for you and what you should wear on your next date.