What is The NYC Dating Club?

The New York City Dating Club is a private, member’s only platform that was founded by a professional matchmaker, with over ten years professional matchmaking experience in New York City. The club utilizes a private web application and real-life representatives to produce a video verification prior to activating a new member's profile.

Who can join NYC Dating Club?

Anyone who is 30-years-old or older and living or working in NYC and ready for a committed relationship.

How do I upload pictures and record a video introduction?

Pictures: Open your profile, click on your "Avatar.” It will give you the option to upload as many pictures as you like. Make sure to choose your “Main Picture.” Additionally, you will be able to delete ones that you may not wish to have posted anymore.

Video: A small "Arrow " icon next to your Avatar allows you access. If you click it, you are given options to record or upload your video introduction. You will have a chance to preview and re-record your video as many times as you like.

How do I become a Member?

First, potential members have to register online at www.NYCDatingClub.com. One of our representatives will meet with you via “video chat” to verify some basic information. At this time, we ensure that your photographs properly represent your current appearance and verify the potential members’ age. Additionally, we will ask some questions that provide our representatives with the opportunity to get to know you on a personal level. This ensures we can make the best recommendations as to potential dates in the future if you choose the option to have a personal dating advisor. Finally, we “walk” you through membership benefits and answer any questions you may have at this time.

How long is the verification process?

Verification typically takes five minutes or so depending on what and how much you care to share about yourself. Additionally, how much you have completed of your application prior to our meeting could lengthen the process.

Why should I join NYC Dating Club when there are so many commercial online dating services?

Many dating applications, websites and services are full of phony profiles and “players” who are serial daters. Additionally, the other services are time consuming to filter out the right candidates amongst such a huge pool of profiles. Considering it can be very costly to hire a professional matchmaker to help you in your search, we endeavor to solve all of those issues and more with NYC Dating Club. Our platform is a hybrid as it combines two of the best facets of the contemporary dating industry: quality of professional matchmaking and a large database typical to online dating apps. Our approach humanizes the online dating experience and helps create a high quality database for singles who have no time to waste on fake profiles, misaligned values and non-meaningful encounters.

How do I know that you have quality people in your network?

NYC Dating Club has the opportunity to ask the hard questions up front and get a sense of a potential member’s intentions. We recruit 24/7 and we have 10 years of experience in pre-qualifying men and women. Recruiting is a full time job. That is part of why you should use our hybrid system. Our fee is less than what it can cost for a single date in NYC and almost every quality single we contact and invite into our network RSVP’s “YES”. We do the filtering for you up front. Simply put, you work and pay less to receive better, faster results.

Who is Irina Caccavale and why did she found NYCDatingClub?

Irina Caccavale is a professional matchmaker in NYC with 10 years of experience. She is a single mother, a women’s advocate, gentlemen’s dating advisor, entrepreneur who believes that LOVE is the most important thing in all our lives. She knows how at certain age situations in life can become a little more complicated and time consuming, and finding Love can seem almost impossible at times , however, Irina is determined to make the process of finding love and life-partner more enjoyable and less time consuming. Her private dating platform is a safe and fun environment for single New Yorkers.