If you’re a single guy in Manhattan wanting more second dates, here’s how to get them

Many New York City single men have little problem getting first dates. Among their friends, co-workers, relatives, local bars, and online dating sites and apps, their New York City singles network is extensive. For a lot of single guys living in Manhattan or other New York City boroughs like Brooklyn, however, a second date is […]

How single parents can beat the odds for finding love in New York City

If only she knew what she did at the series finale of “Sex and the City,” most of Carrie Bradshaw’s dating life in New York City could be considered an exercise in what not to do. And Carrie was dating without a kid or three waiting up for her at home. As painful as they […]

In a city as big as Manhattan why can’t you find the one?

New York City and the surrounding tri-state area make up a big playground for singles. Every day New York City single men meet New York City single women in smaller playgrounds: bars, restaurants, and at Meetup events, or through friends, online dating, social media, and professional matchmakers. That amounts to thousands of New York City […]