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NYC Dating Club is an exclusive club supported by a custom application designed and dedicated to help NYC singles looking for long-term commitments. The club was launched by its founder and a NYC matchmaker of over ten years, Irina Caccavale. Our representatives verify all new profiles to ensure our members have a smooth, safe, and enjoyable environment in which they can meet quality singles.Unlike the commercial “matchmaking sites” members are required to verify their ages, and photographs must represent realistically as they appear in real life.

Our vision is to maintain Irina ‘s highest standards of matchmaking within the confines of her custom built application, at an affordable annual membership fee. We are committed to our members, and our members are not “players” they are committed to finding true love. The most important indicator of the value of our work is, and always will be, the quality of people who sign up for, and attend our invite only exclusive “none bar or club” cultural events.

With the NYC Dating Club, you can be assured that there are numerous people working tirelessly to bring you the best possible experience, and help you start your relationship process. From verifying profiles to ensuring that your data is kept in the strictest of confidence, the team here at NYC Dating Club is dedicated to your satisfaction. And as always, our Customer Care team is available to answer any questions and assist you along your journey.

At The NYC Dating Club, we maintain the highest standards in online dating by manually verifying all profiles, automatically removing inactive members, and proactively removing users we suspect are not serious about finding their soul mates or who are trying to “play the system”. This means our members have a smooth browsing experience and can focus on dating. Finding like minded singles that are serious about finding a life partner has never been more professional run or economical.

The NYC Dating Club application is very user friendly and requires little to no training as it is based on human intuition and generally used processes found in most every day programs used by the masses. We collect very little demographic data but allow our members to consider gender, age, location, profession, and level of education obtained. Additionally, in order to facilitate real time communication between our members we have a built in chat / messaging function that allows our members to directly explore various aspects that could be significant for long-term relationship prospects. There simply is no machine or software that can identify chemistry and comfortable communication like individuals themselves.

Protecting your personal information is of our utmost priority. We use real people to identify and Authenticate new members, Manual Profile Verification, SSL Encryption and a Fraud Detection System to make sure members feel safe online. All sensitive data is encrypted and will not be revealed to any third party or other members other than when we are requested to do so by specific members.


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