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to the New York City Dating Club. An exclusive club supported by a custom application designed and dedicated to help NYC singles who are 30 y.o. or older and are looking for long-term commitments. Members will be invited to our private VIP events in Manhattan and the Hamptons. To register securely and privately( it is free) Please click here.

Irina Caccavale founder

 Some Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What is The NYC Dating Club?

The New York City Dating Club is a member’s only intranet platform that was founded by a professional matchmaker with over ten years professional matchmaking experience in New York City. The club utilizes a private application (software app) and real life representatives that conduct interviews prior to admittance into the club. They pre-screen potential members to qualify the credibility and authenticity of members’ profiles prior to membership.

Who can join NYC Dating Club?

Anyone who is between the ages of thirty and sixty-five who live or work in NYC may become a member after interviewing with one of our representatives. Members should be serious about their goals of finding a life partner. Also potential members must be willing to allow for “random” background checks specifically confirming they have not been convicted of a violent crime or a felony

How do I become a member?

Potential members first have to register online at www.NYCDatingClub.com. One of our representatives will meet with you in person or via video chat to verify some basic information (we ensure that your photographs properly represent your current appearance and we verify members’ age) as well as asking some questions that provide our representatives with the opportunity to get to know you on a personal basis so that we can make recommendations as to potential dates in a future and walk you through membership benefits.

How long is the interview process?

Interviews typically take up to fifteen minutes depending on what you care to share about yourself and how complete your application is prior to our meeting.

Do you share member’s information with third parties?

We never share information with anyone outside of our private application.  Please read our terms of service and privacy policy for more specific details.

Why should I join NYC Dating Club when there are so many commercial online dating services?

Most dating applications are full of phony profiles and “players” who are serial daters. In addition, it is very time consuming to filter out the right candidates among a huge pool of profiles. It can be very costly to hire a professional matchmaker to help you in your search. We endeavor to solve those issues and more.

Our platform is viewed as hybrid because it combines two of the best facets of the Dating industry:  quality of professional matchmaking and a large database typical to online dating apps. Our approach humanizes the online dating experience and helps create a high quality database for singles who have no time to waste on non-meaningful encounters.

How do I know that you have quality people in your network?

There are literally millions of singles in NYC and no one has the time to pre-qualify the intentions of others. Could you imagine asking a new acquaintance if they want to get married or if they are financially stable? A third party like a representative of NYC Dating Club has the opportunity to ask the hard questions up front and get a sense of a potential member’s intentions. We recruit 24/7 and we have 10 years of experience in pre-qualifying both men and women as to their goals. Recruiting is a full time job if you are serious about finding a quality match and anyone who is actively employed or a single parent typically just does not have the time to sift through millions of profiles and meet hundreds or thousands of people. That is part of why you are using our hybrid system. Our fee is less than what it can cost for a single date in NYC and almost every quality single we contact and invite into our network wants in. We do the filtering for you up front.

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